We (Stephen and Alanna) would like to thank those at Two’s Company for giving us the opportunity to meet each other.

Stephen was the first date I had through Twos Company although not the last!!! However, in time we continued dating and I put my Membership on hold. Stephen had had quite a few introductions through Twos Company and was enjoying the lifestyle of meeting new people and dining out…….and then he met me.

We had our first date around mid -march 1997 and 4-5 months later we were dating regularly and not seeing anyone else.

Stephen has two sons from his previous marriage and I have a daughter. After a lot of planning we are now expecting our first child due 15/01/2000 and the wedding is set for March. We enjoy each others company immensely and spend nearly all our time together and we have a recycling business we both contribute to.

If not for Twos Company, I can honestly say that I would never have met Stephen. Our circles were totally different and even if I had met him I do not believe I would have pursued a meeting as we came from such different backgrounds and I would have believed we had different ideals and goals. How wrong I was. We have the same outlook on life great communication and most of all a mutual loving humour.

I also believe Stephen would not have followed through his attraction to me if we had not met through Twos Company. Because of the Agency two unlikely people went on a date and gave each other a chance. We have since sent at least four other people to Two’s Company and often recommend the merits of the Agency as a way of meeting a soul mate. It is the most civilized and economical way of meeting people at least in the same parameter as you. Unlike pubs and clubs.

Yours truly

Alanna and Steve