Heather and I met through Two’s Company on the 22 April 1998, we first met for coffee at the Elephant Rock that’s Currumbin, both being delighted in each others company decided to see each other again.  This was all okay until Grahame lost Heather’s phone number, then whilst cleaning up came across the note to our future happiness (Heather’s phone number)

We went out then regularly for some months spending more time together than apart, eventually deciding to look into our living arrangements.  Heather has a disabled son, who I expected as part of the package.  We purchased a house just south of the border and moved in together, the three of us, in June 1999, our relationship was going well so both agreed to get married, rather than live in sin!!  Makes life easier with new grand children continually arriving at the doorstep!!

We had a celebrant come to our home for a garden ceremony and invited a few close friends and family, the day turning out great, then off to Bali for our honeymoon!!, only the two of us!!

Both having been married before and both have grown families we have had a few knots along the way but all and all we look forward to a very happy future together, thank you to Two’s Company, without your help we would never have met, so please let us recommend your company to any couples seeking happiness.

Your sincerely

Grahame and Heather XX