Dear Kristal,
Two’s Company

The 17th November, oh my God what a day to remember.
The stars, the moon, the smell of love, the day we met it fitted like a glove.
For on this day Louise met Brad and agreed to see, what he had.
When she saw his great bright eyes, she knew there was love in disguise.
So after drinks that they had, how about dinner suggested Brad?
Red wine and octopus is what we ate, a first for me, and it was great!
Then we went for a drive, the next thing we know, back to my place we did arrive.
Music and laughter we did share, then came the kiss that told me he was rare!
From that evening we have been connected, no more feeling of being rejected !
The sun, the moon and stars above, oh my God yes this is love!
I love you Kristal for what you have done and know that for me Brad’s the one!!