Hello Tracey and staff at Two’s company

Spoke with Lawrence last night, he sounded very nice on the phone, and we are going to catch up on Sunday afternoon for coffee.

In talking we found the following similarities:
Both grew up on farms therefore have same outgoing personalities
Both come from trucking industry backgrounds
His two sons are named David and Michael.
I was married to a David and I have a son named Michael also
We both love travelling overseas and going on cruises
He was retired but has gone back to work to gather enough money to travel again
He works Mon-Fri nights and goes to church every Sunday ( the church was the only thing that threw me a bit) but at the end of the day there are just so many other things in common.

I am really looking forward to meeting him as we talked for ages last night and spent a lot of time laughing.
Thank you Two’s Company, I will let you know on Monday how it went.


Merilyn B.