Dear Two’s Company Team,

Just to wish you and all the staff at Two’s Company a wonderful Christmas and all the very best for the New Year. Also.. a special message to let you know that Michael and I are STILL seeing each other and the relationship is going from strength to strength.

Thank you a million for introducing us ( and that comes from all of us.) The kids are always excited to see him, he dotes on them as if they were his own and he (or perhaps WE) have both put each other on pedestals, I think we could see the passengers in a passing plane – ha ha. Although a long way to go, and a daily step by step process, all “four” of us are very happy and look forward to a New Year of further (and even happier) developments.

Enclosing a picture of the happy “clan”.

Thank you again and I hope your year is as happy as we are right now :-))

Best Wishes from us all

Colleen, Tara, Ashley and Michael