Two’s Company introduced a great Australian man to me in the first week of joining. I met Shelly and she explained the Company system.

I introduce myself.

My name is Penny, from Bangkok, Thailand. I was born in October 1968. I am 160 cm tall and weigh 50 kg. I have never married. My hobby is watching and listening to music video clips. It makes me feel relaxed, happy and content. I really like to cook Thai food. My favourite sports are swimming, badminton and aerobics.

I have good health with a pleasant personality. I graduated a Bachelor’s degree of Business from Ramkhamaeng Uni, Bangkok, Thailand. In Thailand, I worked for American companies.

Last month Paul and I had our 1 year anniversary. Paul gave my a lovely card, and we went to a Seafood and Steak restaurant. We had a beautiful dinner. I had lobster and bugs. They were so delicious. 1 year i live with Paul, I am very happy. I never get angry with him. I never complain to him. Every Sunday we go to church at 10am for 2hrs after that I feel happy. He looks after me good. I look after him too. I cook Thai food and Australian food for him.

Nice to talk to you.

Good bye