While I have had several long term relationships I always knew that life had more to offer me. I have loved nice men and I thought they sort of loved me in their own way. However, it was always on their terms and with conditions attached to the love they would give me in return.

I met my first date for lunch through Two’s company, and we have been together ever since. I found the man that has touched a place deep inside my being that no other man came anywhere near. Thank you, Tracey, for matching me with an incredible man. I realise now there are two sorts of love conditional and unconditional, I am happy to disclose I am currently experiencing the latter and even though I’m fifty seven I have found true love for the first time in my life.

Don’t give up and resign yourself to a total acceptance of not finding the one that is right for you, from where I’m standing it can find you at any age and when it does watch out. If you decide to catch that train and ride, the view from your window could be wonderful.


July 2020