I am glad I found you – Feb 2024

Thanks a lot for introducing me to Rob!

He was exactly as you said – a really great guy.

We spent a lot of time chatting and met up for a few hours. He is a nice guy and we share some of the same values. It was all very respectful and nice – which it should be – but I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect to be honest!

I really enjoyed the way you did the match though. I have to tell you it was easy and didn’t feel forced. I like that it’s no pressure and we both know the other has good intentions – otherwise you wouldn’t have connected us.

So thanks! I am glad I found you.

Clara - Gold Coast

Now married…and we are absolutely delighted!!

To have found each other in our senior years has brought joy back into our lives….finally!


Suzette & Ian - Central QLD

It took the all the unknowns of dating – September 2023

It was comforting to know I was re-entering the dating world to meet like minded people who were interested in a long term relationship, and had been vetted by Tracey’s company. It took the all the unknowns of dating out of the equation. Thank you Tracey.

Kathy - Gold Coast

Very impressed – September 2023

Very impressed with Tracey’s professionalism and putting up a real effort to actually match interests, non-negotiables and preferences of suitable member profiles. You can be confident that you are in very capable hands.

Mandy - Mackay

I’ve been pleasantly surprised – October 2023

In the dealings I’ve had with Tracey and her team at Two’s Company I’ve found them to be very professional people. They seem prepared to listen to what I have to say and take it on board. I haven’t found them to be pushy or over the top salespeople like some introduction agents that are only interested in getting you on the books as paid member and not whether they can actually match you with anyone. I’ve been pleasantly surprised thus far.

Mark - Boonah

Happy to refer Two’s Company – Nov 2023

Tracey has been motivated and understanding with all contacts I have had with her. She has always taken a positive approach and I have been matched fairly quickly with a lovely lady. Her attitude seems to always take into account your personal circumstances. I’d be happy to refer Two’s Company to other singles looking for their perfect partner.

Rowan - Northern NSW

Highly recommended – Nov 2023

Tracey’s enthusiasm to get a great end result for her clients is something you can’t teach. Highly recommended.

Kirk - Brisbane

Very impressed with the teams professionalism – August 2023

Very impressed with the teams professionalism and putting up a real effort to actually match interests, non-negotiables and preferences of suitable member profiles. You can be confident that you are in very capable hands.

Mandy - Mackay QLD

Attention to detail – February 2023

A very professional service showing attention to detail.

Tad - Brisbane

I couldn’t be happier – March 2023

Twos Company have been remarkable when it comes to matching me up with some remarkable women. I couldn’t be happier with the service attention and the amount of effort put into helping me find my perfect partner!

Maurice - Brisbane

Very professional – February 2023

Tracey has always been very professional and helpful. She asks the right questions to ensure that you get to meet exactly the right person. I have known her service for several years as a professional in a different field, and recently asked her to assist me to meet the right person. I was put in contact with someone who I am sure will match very well, with great conversation and a meeting which will ensure we are very well matched.

Alan - Gold Coast

Such a good experience – March 2023

Got to have such a good experience re-entering the dating world. Tracey is fantastic at facilitating the connection of people who are like-minded, and share the same loves, morals and values.


Keely - Gold Coast

Two’s Company matched us perfectly – December 2022

My husband and I met via Two’s Company in 2006, and got married in 2008. We are both still so very happy.

It was Two’s Company that matched us up perfectly. We were both specific with what we wanted in our partners and we both had vision boards. From a blended Family we now have 8 grandchildren.

Thank you Two’s Company


Leith - Gold Coast

The customer service was amazing – December 2022

The customer service was amazing and I am keeping positive

Erin - Gold Coast

Above and Beyond!! – October 2022

Tracey went above and beyond for me. I recommend Two’s Company for anyone looking for love!!

Andrew - Brisbane

He is absolutely my type! – September 2022

Just had a fantastic date, thank you. I am very comfortable with him and love the conversation. He is absolutely my type!

Very well done to you Twos Company!


Debbie - Gold Coast

Out of 5 stars I give you 10!! September 2022

Two’s Company  always  give a 100%  to try  and make  their  customers  happy  in all aspects.

Good  on you Two’s Company!  Out of 5 stars I give you 10!!

Lorrie - Gold Coast

I still cannot believe there was actually someone out there that could be such a perfect fit! July 2022

I am delighted to say I have met a wonderful & perfect partner through Tracey’s guidance.. I had only been with Two’s Company for a short time and on the 3rd date it all clicked. Darryl and I are so compatible in almost every way, I still cannot believe there was actually someone out there that could be such a perfect fit! But Tracey found him!! Thank You Tracey & Two’s Company team..


Sandy - Gold Coast

Twos Company is amazing …

Twos Company is amazing. Tracey is so authentic, on a mission to make a difference in the lives of future couples.

I’ve found her to be very caring towards getting the best match for me as well as the many thousands of her clients over the years

She follows through with anything she says she’s going to do.

Thank You and keep up the amazing work..


Tony - Brisbane

After many years of singledom, they delivered the man of my dreams – May 2022

gold coast personals

Attention to Detail

Two’s Company have been instrumental in my search for a long-term partner. After many years of singledom, they delivered the man of my dreams. Thanks again.

Dana - Gold Coast

Extremely professional

Tracey is fantastic to deal with, extremely professional.
– 5 stars


Matt - Gold Coast

Two’s Company is a good match making service – April 2022

I used Two’s Company services late last year and met a great lady. We have been building our relationship since. It is a thorough service which is designed to match you up with the right person. Good and professional service by committed staff.

Rod - Gold Coast

I found my perfect guy! – March 2022

I found my perfect guy in 1997 with Two’s Company and we were together 23 years. Tracey did an amazing job when she matched Steve and I. It turned out to be the love of my life. Tracey is a very professional and friendly lady. I recommend Two’s Company to anyone looking for their soul mate!

5 Stars

Maxine - Gold Coast

I have found true love again! – February 2022

two's company

Great service, excellent and professional service, thanks heaps Tracey I think I have found true love again in my life.

Jas - Brisbane

Amazing Matching Services Nov 2021

The struggle is real… found it hard to meet people, because of a busy life & covid … Twos Company (Tracey & the team) have been professional & amazing in their efforts to find my match. Very professional, polite and they go above and beyond in matching / helping you meet someone special. :) Thank you so much!

Sarah P - Darling Downs

Live life to the fullest life is short

Thank you for helping me to  find the right match for me.

Skye - Gold Coast

Highly Recommended – Sept 2021

I have dealt with Two’s Company  for the past several years with complete satisfaction
Their confidential service provided me with an interesting and lovely companion!
I would highly recommend you talk with them.



Tom H - Northern NSW

I would like to thank the team at Two’s Company – June 2021

I would like to thank Tracey and her wonderful team at Two’s Company for never giving up to help me find love , keeping me updated on members . I strongly recommend Two’s Company to help you find love.

Debbie - Gold Coast

I’m so glad I joined Twos Company – May 2021

I would like to say your service is amazing and if my first date is anything to go on I’m so glad I joined .
Chris – Gold Coast


Congratulations Martin and Juliet!! – January 2021

Congratulations Martin and Juliet!!

Smitten and in their senior years.

Gold Coast.

Martin and Juliet

Even though I’m fifty seven I have found true love for the first time in my life

While I have had several long term relationships I always knew that life had more to offer me. I have loved nice men and I thought they sort of loved me in their own way. However, it was always on their terms and with conditions attached to the love they would give me in return.

I met my first date for lunch through Two’s company, and we have been together ever since. I found the man that has touched a place deep inside my being that no other man came anywhere near. Thank you, Tracey, for matching me with an incredible man. I realise now there are two sorts of love conditional and unconditional, I am happy to disclose I am currently experiencing the latter and even though I’m fifty seven I have found true love for the first time in my life.

Don’t give up and resign yourself to a total acceptance of not finding the one that is right for you, from where I’m standing it can find you at any age and when it does watch out. If you decide to catch that train and ride, the view from your window could be wonderful.


July 2020


Many Thanks – Dec 2019

Thank you for the follow-up call and the nice feedback from Susan, I will send her a message today and let you know how the 2nd date goes.

Merry Christmas and a happy new year, and thank you again for the pleasant experiences.

Many thanks

Matt – Dec 2019


There is a genuine commitment – November 2019

Mature Dating

Hi Two’s Company Team,

I’ve been a member for over 12 months, and although I’ve not yet met my new partner it’s not for lack of trying on the part of Two’s Company. There is a genuine commitment on your part to find our perfect match, and you all communicate with honesty and genuine heart !

Love Annie L

Annie L

Both longed for a genuine companion – October 2019

We’re delighted for Roger and June. Both in their late 70’s and thoroughly enjoying life and each other’s company ! Both longed for a genuine companion and partner after being widowed. Makes doing what we do, an absolute pleasure.

Gold Coast based – October 2019

Staff at Two's Company

21 years together and happy ! – August 2019

21 years together and happy ! Vera and Brian – Congratulations. Central Queensland. … August 2019

Staff at Two's Company

We are still very happy – February 2019

Hi. Just heard your ad on 94.1. Thought i would let you know that you introduced my husband and i back in 1996. We have been together 22 years and married 19 years. Well done to your matching.

We are still very happy….. February 2019



Congratulations Ron and Ann – 2018

two's company

Congratulations Ron and Ann

From Launceston, Tasmania

Still going strong – 5 years plus, together and still happy!  .. 2018

Staff at Two's Company

Congratulations Graeme and Deb

Graeme and Deb, together now for 17 years, had children together and love life in central QLD.


Staff at Two's Company

Married for 12 years

I Do

Congratulations to Marilyn and Charlie on your 12th years Anniversary – Hopetoun WA

Staff at Two's Company


Love Forever



Staff at Two's Company

Highly Recommended !

Hello my name is Karen M. I have been a member of Twos Company for a while now and I have also been a member of other introduction agencies , I myself find that Twos Company’s Service has time for their clients more than any other introduction agency I have ever been with ! The Agency is very helpful and I myself know that their service actually works and you get introduced to the people you are actually looking for, not like other agencies that will take your money and introduce you to anyone.

Therefore, I recommend Twos Company to people who are really looking for service to find their special someone.

Regards Karen M

From Brisbane

Karen M

Happy together – 2017

Congratulations Max and Rosemary, now very happy together ! Alone no more in their older years. 8 years together now.

Staff at Two's Company

I met an amazing man through Two’s Company

I met an amazing man through Two’s Company. He had me discover more about myself and about how loving the other person gives you the love you have always been waiting for.

Anthony Robbins says: ‘It is only when we give love to someone that we can feel it’.

Christine & Paul – Gold Coast

Christine & Paul

Offers excellent competitive rates …

Twos Company offers excellent competitive rates with the option of a fortnightly deduction which is interest free. On my credit card statement the actual name of your company comes up not a cover company somewhere in Indonesia. And you do exactly as is written and spoken without any unexpected and unwanted surprises.

So thank you, Tracey, I was super impressed.


Gold Coast


A BIG thank you – 2015

gold coast dating

my name is Carol S, I just had to send you a note, to say a very big thank you. 9 months ago I was a single mum, sad and alone, now I’m engaged to a wonderful man, and we have just bought our first house together and are trying for a baby. I owe it all to Two’s Company, thank you very much for helping us find true love and each other. We will send you some wedding photos.

Thanks a lot.

Carol S ………..Thank you again !

Carol S

You chose a great match

Thank you Two’s Company for introducing me to a lovely guy from this matching service. You chose a great match for me and my little girl, since my divorce 4 years ago, I’ve found it really hard to meet guys that I can trust as this is a major issue in my life. You sent me a lovely guy that I absolutely adore and trust we have been seeing each other for over a month and have been inseparable.

Life is great these days, I can’t believe I’m living again and enjoying life. It’s great seeing life with two heads than one, as life can get a bit stressful. Patrick is a lovely guy and so I just want to say thank you very much Two’s Company!

Lots of love

Lisa xoxoxoxoxox


Thank you Two’s Company

Dear Tracey,

I would like to thank Renee for taking the time out from her busy schedule to reassure me that your Company is totally dedicated to helping people like myself and many others in finding companionship and possibly love ! I have only been a member for a short time but I would like to let you know that Kristal, whom I have been dealing with for the last two weeks, has not only been very professional by returning my calls promptly, but is also pleasant, courteous and friendly, but most of all, she is sincere in helping me find a partner. Kristal is an asset to your team and I will be a member for a long time thanks to Kristal pleasant and helpful manner and her attitude of taking her clients needs seriously. Hopefully she will find me the right gentleman soon !

Please be kind enough to extend my thanks to Kristal and let her know that I appreciate her help and thoughtfulness more than she knows.

Kind Regards,

Hellen J

Hellen J

I want someone to share my life with

Ruth & Alan

I was dubious about joining a Dating Agency. It might sound like I was desperate. I was not. Far from it. I just couldn’t seem to meet the right person. I wanted someone to share my life with.

Within the first month of joining Twos Company I was given several introductions. The second introduction went rather well Alan was his name we met for coffee and a chat. Another date was made.

Alan and I started to see each other on a regular basis. The more we talked, the more we found we had in common.

Our relationship formed and grew. We realised we had something special going. Nearly a year later we became engaged.

Just over 12 months after the engagement we married. Alan and I have been married for nearly nine months now and couldn’t be happier. I have found my soul mate in Alan.

Life has certainly changed for me since I took the first step and called Twos Company. I shall never look back except to reflect on how happy I am.

Your Sincerely

Ruth P

Ruth P

It’s been magic!

Dear Twos Company,

Just a short note to let you know that since our introduction Tony and I have been enjoying each others company.  Enclosed is a photo of us together.

Thank you very much for introducing us, it has been magic!

Thanking you

Jo and Tony

Jo & Tony

Very happy with the man I found.

Dear Two’s Company Staff

Hello!  How is everyone? I hope you’re all well and happy and I’ve got something that I feel will make you even happier.  My name is Dagmar, I was once a client of yours and happy to report that I am very happy with the man I found. I notified you of our relationship when we first started going out.

Thank you for the help you have given me.

Yours truly

Dagmar L

Dagmar L

I am so glad I joined Two’s Company !

To the girls at Two’s Company,

I just want to say thank you. I am so glad I joined Two’s Company, because I have met the man of my dreams !

Carl and I have now been together for five months and we are so happy and in love. As you know, we have two children each and we all just love being around one another. We’re just like a perfect family.

I have sent you a photo of Carl and myself, thanks once again.

From Bernadette


Another Happy Anniversary !

Gallery 6

Congratulations Debbie and Rob … celebrating 13 years together happily married

Darling Downs, QLD

Staff at Two's Company


Congratulations Laurence and Myra from central Queensland.
We know how pleased you are to now have companionship.
We are So happy for you !!

Staff at Two's Company

A success story

Hi to all at Two’s Company,

This is just a short, belated note to let you know how things are going with the first contact you provided me with, Linda. We talked on the phone and met on the second of December and have been together ever since !… We are making long-term plans and are heading to Europe next month for 3 weeks. When you first gave me Linda’s details, you said she was my perfect match and it has proven to be so.

Thank you Two’s Company

Linda and Chris

Linda & Chris

It’s as if we have known each other for years.

Dawn & Ray

Three months ago we had our first meeting in a café at Broadbeach.  From a few metres away I tentatively glanced over and instantly recognised the man from the photograph but in the flesh his pulchritude was magnified by the beautiful welcoming smile he gave me as I approached him. We were very comfortable in each others company – as if we had known each other for a long time. I told him of the qualities I wanted and expected in a man…… and he boldly but humorously answered… Well here I am !!! What else can I say. Thank you so much. We are very happy together.

Love Dawn and Ray.

Dawn & Ray

As a member of Twos Company

Dear Renee and Krystal

As a member of Twos Company I have been so impressed with the service they offer. As a father separated with children you have made meeting people again so easy as being a member of Twos Company.

I have found Twos Company to be a first class Introduction Service who really take the time and care about you meeting people. When joining Twos Company you will have fun and meet some great people and with ladies like Renee and Kristal helping you I found this to be the best agency on the Coast.

Glenn D

Glenn D

After many years of searching… – 2012


After many years of searching both Graham and I resorted to joining a dating agency for help.  Neither of us knew what to expect and with spirits low from years of fruitless searching, we had both resolved ourselves to accept it would never happen.

You can imagine our delight in the way things have worked out. We would like to thank  Two’s Company for helping us make our dreams a reality. Graham is everything I even wanted, we are so happy and hope to start a family soon.

Graham's Partner

What I’ve experienced from Two’s Company – 2012

I was lonely after my wifes death and what I‘ve experienced from dealing with Two’s Company is . . . Friendship, outings and Love again. I was Introduced to Helen and we have been together now for two years. Thank you Two’s Company, you have been most helpful.

Edward S.


Edward S.

Another Wedding!

I Do

Congratulations to Danielle and Russel on their recent Wedding ! ( Gold Coast ) ….2011

The team at Two’s Company wish you a joyous and fabulous life together !

Staff at Two's Company

James and I became engaged last week !!

I am writing to let you know that James and I became engaged last week !!!
We are immensely grateful to Twos Company for your support and the opportunity to meet a potential partner – which in our case was most successful.
I’ve known James now for 2 months and feel that I’ve know him all my life. We believe that we are soul mates the way our lives and circumstances have weaved together since our first phone call. Things were scary in the beginning because it seemed so fantastical and dreamlike – too good to be true, but we are thankful we took the plunge into a new relationship.

Our sincere thanks, thoughts and regards to Two’s Company for making our happiness and our dreams a reality.

Yours Truly

Carla H and James H
Brisbane QLD

Carla H & James H

Last month Paul and I had our 1 year anniversary

Two’s Company introduced a great Australian man to me in the first week of joining. I met Shelly and she explained the Company system.

I introduce myself.

My name is Penny, from Bangkok, Thailand. I was born in October 1968. I am 160 cm tall and weigh 50 kg. I have never married. My hobby is watching and listening to music video clips. It makes me feel relaxed, happy and content. I really like to cook Thai food. My favourite sports are swimming, badminton and aerobics.

I have good health with a pleasant personality. I graduated a Bachelor’s degree of Business from Ramkhamaeng Uni, Bangkok, Thailand. In Thailand, I worked for American companies.

Last month Paul and I had our 1 year anniversary. Paul gave my a lovely card, and we went to a Seafood and Steak restaurant. We had a beautiful dinner. I had lobster and bugs. They were so delicious. 1 year i live with Paul, I am very happy. I never get angry with him. I never complain to him. Every Sunday we go to church at 10am for 2hrs after that I feel happy. He looks after me good. I look after him too. I cook Thai food and Australian food for him.

Nice to talk to you.

Good bye



Hi Girls….

The date with Cliff went really well. We are going on our second date on Saturday 7th Dec.

Thank you for setting me up with such a great guy.

Thanks, Mel (Sydney)


Happily Married for over 2 years

Congratulations to Jackie and Mark from Townsville….. who married in 2008 ! The Team at Two’s Company wish you much continued joy in your lives.

Jackie & Mark

I am glad that I signed up with Two’s Company

Just a quick note to thank you for the introductions you have arranged for me. Although I have not entered into a relationship, yet I have met some really nice ladies. My last experience with an Agency left me reluctant to join a similar organisation but after talking to you I had a gut feeling that it would be alright this time. The first month was a real shock I have never spoken to so many women in such a short time. It was a shock to this kid I can tell you. I was thankful for a rest. But now I’m back in gear so bring them on (except a little slower please).

I am glad that I signed up with Two’s Company, lucky that I got you.

Rod P
from Tasmania

Rod P

Great Service ! – 2010

Love You

Two’s Company has definitely worked for me and I find it better than most Dating websites. I made some friends and found my partner through the service ! also i never felt harassed by the company at all.

Thank you Two’s Company !

Judy W

(Hobart, Claremont)

Judy W

Thanks – January 2010

Dear Twos Company,

Thanks again for being a big part of our magical wedding day. And so lovely to see you and enjoy your company at our party. God bless you richly and bring you the love of your life.

Love Martin and Veronica xx

Martin & Veronica

Congratulations Rosie and Don

Congratulations Rosie and Don…. on new found love

(from Toowoomba Qld. )

Staff at Two's Company

Very happy!

We”re moving in together!…….

From Robert & Linda

(Launceston, Tasmania.)

Robert & Linda

Were going great!

Dear Natasha,

Leonie and I have been together for 2 years and 3 months. We are going great ! We share the same things in life. We love being together. We run a market garden together. It’s hard work, but we work side by side. It takes a lot of time and effort, but both of us do our share. It’s hard to spend some time alone, because we have six children between us, but we try. Sometimes we get away on bike trips together. We like a lot of ‘the same hobbies. If it was not for Two’s Company we wouldn’t have met. We are very grateful. Thank you very much.

P,S:- We would like to spend more time on the Gold Coast and a lot more time together.

Yours Faithfully,

Stephen and Leonie

Stephen & Leonie

Martin and I are inseparable – May, 2009

two's company

Dear Tracey,

Hello and wanted to let you know that all is well. Martin and I are inseparable, he’s turned to mush, and I am getting wrinkles from grinning- do you have an antidote???

Love to you and thank you so much from us both!

Veronica x


Thank you Two’s Company – February 2009

Hello Tracey and staff at Two’s company

Spoke with Lawrence last night, he sounded very nice on the phone, and we are going to catch up on Sunday afternoon for coffee.

In talking we found the following similarities:
Both grew up on farms therefore have same outgoing personalities
Both come from trucking industry backgrounds
His two sons are named David and Michael.
I was married to a David and I have a son named Michael also
We both love travelling overseas and going on cruises
He was retired but has gone back to work to gather enough money to travel again
He works Mon-Fri nights and goes to church every Sunday ( the church was the only thing that threw me a bit) but at the end of the day there are just so many other things in common.

I am really looking forward to meeting him as we talked for ages last night and spent a lot of time laughing.
Thank you Two’s Company, I will let you know on Monday how it went.


Merilyn B.

Merilyn B.

Congratulations Ivan and Jennifer

Congrats to Ivan and Jennifer from Townsville on your wedding last year …….expecting a new baby in June! … 2009

Staff at Two's Company

Kevin and Gladys – 2008

Congratulations to Kevin and Gladys from Hobart! We know how happy you are……2008

Staff at Two's Company

We’re getting married this year !

Congratulations to Ivan and Jennifer from Mackay, on their engagement.

Ivan & Jennifer

Thanks for introducing me to Craig

Hi Linda,

My name is Jessica. Thanks for introducing me to Craig because he is so affectionate and insistent that he smashed down the protective wall I had built around myself. I was basically determined to never have an intimate relationship with anyone again, but I did, and I give Craig 12 out of 10, but he has probably told you that already.




I have come back as you are very experienced

Dear Tracey,

I received your email today sorry I didn’t contact you earlier I have been rushed off my feet the past couple of weeks .But I would like if I am still a member can you send me all the details once more and give me a low down once again and I would like you to do what you can for me as I tried a few of these agency’s over here in Perth and I have given up as they don’t do anything for a single man except excuse my french but bull#*t …. as you know out of experience .that’s why I have come back as you are very experienced and not to mention the hot little birdies you have on board HAH .OK Tracey it was good making contact again if you need me anytime for membership reasons or what not. I will supply my new details no worry’s I hope to hear from you soon regards

Mr Eathen Carruthers

Perth WA

Mr Eathen Carruthers

Age is only a number

Hello lovely Tracey

Well, I take back everything I said about being 70… okay you were right. He wasn’t 5.9, he is 6′ tall, good build, no blonde hair, that was grey. Fred was an absolute delight to have breakfast with, he talked all Sunday morning over brekkie and although he has had some terrible tragedy in his life I could have listened to him all day.He talked about politics a lot and then when I told him my uncle was a former premier in SA and his wife a Senator and another uncle was Attorney General, his little ears pricked up like a fox.We certainly had a lot and I mean a lot in common. He said he is away for 2 weeks and would like to catch up for dinner one night, so that would be nice. Please let me know if he gives you any feedback on me.

After being married for a long time, I found myself alone, where do you go to find genuine people, certainly not bars or RSVP. I heard an advertisement on the radio for Twos Company and decided to check it out. Tracey and the girls were great, they made me feel completely at home and upon further investigation, I was delighted to find that they would screen all prospective dates according to my requirements, before introducing them to me, how good is that, it certainly made it easy and took the stress out of things for me. I have met and enjoyed the company of some really nice men, who according to my requirements, have treated me with respect and we have had a great time. I am yet to find my soul mate, but I certainly have made some great friends. Keep them coming girls…

Thanks again Twos Company ………


Still seeing each other

Coleen & Michael

Dear Two’s Company Team,

Just to wish you and all the staff at Two’s Company a wonderful Christmas and all the very best for the New Year. Also.. a special message to let you know that Michael and I are STILL seeing each other and the relationship is going from strength to strength.

Thank you a million for introducing us ( and that comes from all of us.) The kids are always excited to see him, he dotes on them as if they were his own and he (or perhaps WE) have both put each other on pedestals, I think we could see the passengers in a passing plane – ha ha. Although a long way to go, and a daily step by step process, all “four” of us are very happy and look forward to a New Year of further (and even happier) developments.

Enclosing a picture of the happy “clan”.

Thank you again and I hope your year is as happy as we are right now :-))

Best Wishes from us all

Colleen, Tara, Ashley and Michael

Colleen, Tara, Ashley & Michael

Enjoying Introductions

Hi Tracey

Let me know when you find candidate no. 3, I am thoroughly enjoying this blind dating, I have my confidence back and it feels really right.
Talk to you soon, hopefully.




I am impressed

To the manager,

I am writing this letter to express how impressed I am with the service Renee has been giving me over the past few weeks.  Renee contacted me around 3 weeks ago after my initial enquiry and suggested I come in for a chat. Having been burnt by one of your rival agencies recently, I was very skeptical, but agreed to come in. Renee explained the services your company provides and re-assured me that my money would not be sent down the drain.  She made me feel at ease with my decision to join your agency and has proven her abilities quite well to date.

She has matched me with some very compatible women and seem genuinely interested in my quest for a mate. She has shown me the kind of service I expected and I am very grateful for her efforts. It is my opinion that she is a great asset to your company and deserves a pat on the back.

Thankfully yours



Neal and I have been dating since the introduction – 2005

To whom it may concern,

I thought I would just send you a quick thank you for the introduction back in March this year to Neal. Neal and I have been dating since the introduction. Neal is a wonderful, caring and loving person, and we have had some wonderful times together, not only as a couple but with his children as well.

I feel that this has been an excellent match and I truly love him and his kids.

We recently made the decision to trial living together, and see if our relationship can survive this big move.

Once again, thank you.

Debbie W

Debbie W

We’re having a ball

Aloha Maree

Many thanks to you for the intro. We’re having a ball….. a perfect match.

Mark & Susan

A very satisfied customer – 2004

I have been associated with Two’s Company for a number of years. I have had excellent service from all involved. I have no hesitation in recommending Two’s Company to any person who is looking for satisfaction, service and reliability.

I wish Two’s Company every success for the future.

From a very satisfied customer.



Wes is an absolute wonderful daddy – September 2004

To all the girls at Two’s Company

Wes and I would like to thank you all for the lovely card and well wishes on the birth of our little bundle of joy Jodana.  We are all settling into “family” life well and Wes is an absolute wonderful daddy. We fight over who is going to bath her!  He is absolutely smitten.  She is perfect. Married with child all before 1st anniversary!

Thanks again,

Love Selina, Wes and Jordana


Article in Gold Coast Magazine

When work made it difficult for Selina and Wes to meet people, they joined a dating agency in the hope of finding someone else who genuinely wanted to meet their soul mate and settle down. A local dating agency, Two’s Company sent Selina and Wes on a date, and it wasn’t before long the pair became an item. So successful was this match that Selina and Wes recently wed at Coolibah Downs Chapel. The pair spent their wedding night at the indulgent Palazzo Versace before heading off for a honeymoon on Hamilton Island……… So if you’re married to your desk, dating your computer or simply can’t meet Mr or Miss Right try Two’s Company – it worked for Selina and Wes!


Selina & Wes

Thank you for all you have done

To Two’s Company,

In the year 2002, John, the girls and I had fish and chips at the Port sea food place in Port Macquarie on the 29th March.  We then saw and phoned each other for a couple of months.  Then on my birthday the 27th July… he asked me to marry him and I said ‘yes’.  Our wedding was a good one.  On the 31/05/03 it’s 6 weeks since we’ve been married and the girls are still happy, also in the future we are planning to have some more children and I’ve always wanted a son.

We would like to thank you for everything you have done for us all.

From Jan and John

Jan & John - Port Macquarie

Time flies when you’re having fun

Dear Wendy,

Sorry I haven’t written before this but time flies when you’re having fun they say.  Anyhow, as promised here is a snap of Carmel and myself at Carmels son’s wedding in Sept.  We are really getting on so well and find so much comfort in each other’s company.  It looks like a lifetime partnership (of what we have left.) So good luck and I hope your business succeeds.

Trevor and Carmel

Trevor & Carmel

Thanks for the intro – 2003

Attention Tracey

Tracey thanks for the intro to Kelly, we had a great time and we are starting to date.


Rodney M

Rodney M 

We are happily married

Hello all at Two’s Company,…..Well Doug and I are very, very happily married after you introduced us. We are so grateful to you all. You did so much for us !

We are building a new house, here in Geelong and we will soon be off to Tasmania for a holiday. We hope to go to Scotland one day to visit Doug’s aunties and uncles.

Thank you all so much. The day we married the 8th December 2002, was one of the happiest in my life.


Jenn and Doug E

Jenn & Doug

We have hardly been apart – 2002

gold coast personals

Thank you for your recent phone call. Lisa and I have been together now since the 21st July 2002, and we have hardly been apart since, except for the occasions where my work commitments have taken me away to the bush as I am a Geologist.

We are very happy together and are both very grateful for the introduction by Two’s Company. On our first meeting we hit it off instantly. We have had at least two very romantic trips away since we got together, and we are now looking at moving in together, including Lisa’s delightful daughter Courtneigh.

Thanks again for your help in getting us together, our lives have never been better

Kind Regards
Patrick and Lisa

Patrick & Lisa

We are very happy together – 2001

Dear Sir/Madam,

I’m writing on behalf of Craig and myself.  We are very happy together and are considering getting engaged soon.  Thank you for your help, without your service we would never have met.  We would also like our files closed permanently.

Thanking you again.

Yours faithfully

Kathy and Craig

Kathy & Craig

He is an amazing man!

Just a short note of thanks for introducing David and I to one another. Dave rang me on Wednesday 15/11/00 and asked if we could meet. We talked for an hour or so and I said yes. He sounded so easy going and he was funny.

He told me he worked on the water corp and where he was. I got in my car and went down to the video shop to have a perv. Dave was working across the road, as soon as I saw him amongst the other men I hoped like hell it was him. We met at Debonasles and Dave said something made him turn around, and he saw me walking across the road. We still hadn’t met yet, I walked in and saw him and knew straight away, and apparently he did to.

We have so much in common, and we enjoy each others company so much. It was the 17/11/00 on Friday when we met and my birthday was on 25/11, so Dave cooked me dinner, and we’ve been inseparable ever since. I decided as did he, to put our Memberships on Hold. Dave asked me to be his wife and I said yes over a candlelight dinner at Taddo. He’s an amazing man and very sweet, and he treats me like a princess.

Thank you guys wish us luck!

Caprice T and Dave R

Caprice T & Dave R

Thank you for introducing me to the man of my dreams.

Dear Two’s Company,

Thank you for introducing me to the man of my dreams. We met 3 years ago, fell in love and married. He’s gentle and kind. I could not be any happier, I love him!….. and it’s nice to know you have a soft place to fall “at last”.

Love Mrs Susan W.

Mrs Susan W

She promised to find my perfect match

Happy Couple

Dear Jody,

Thank you for your call the other day asking about Allan and I.

After being with the Agency for quite some time I finally met Allan in 1999 through Marie’s hard work. She had promised that she would find the perfect match for me no matter what it took, and she did. I was sceptical at first, but finally it happened and when I met Allan I just knew he was the one for me. We had so many things in common that we couldn’t believe how lucky we are and after two years of discovering each other, dating and having lots of fun we have tied the knot !

We got married in October 2001 and moved to Adelaide where we have bought a business. We couldn’t be happier…..thanking Two’s Company and in particular Marie.

Kind Regards,

Erika and Allan

Erika & Allan

We decide to see each other again

Heather and I met through Two’s Company on the 22 April 1998, we first met for coffee at the Elephant Rock that’s Currumbin, both being delighted in each others company decided to see each other again.  This was all okay until Grahame lost Heather’s phone number, then whilst cleaning up came across the note to our future happiness (Heather’s phone number)

We went out then regularly for some months spending more time together than apart, eventually deciding to look into our living arrangements.  Heather has a disabled son, who I expected as part of the package.  We purchased a house just south of the border and moved in together, the three of us, in June 1999, our relationship was going well so both agreed to get married, rather than live in sin!!  Makes life easier with new grand children continually arriving at the doorstep!!

We had a celebrant come to our home for a garden ceremony and invited a few close friends and family, the day turning out great, then off to Bali for our honeymoon!!, only the two of us!!

Both having been married before and both have grown families we have had a few knots along the way but all and all we look forward to a very happy future together, thank you to Two’s Company, without your help we would never have met, so please let us recommend your company to any couples seeking happiness.

Your sincerely

Grahame and Heather XX

Grahame & Heather

My perfect match

Steve and I met through Twos Company on May 16th 1997 from that day on we clicked, and we believe we are our perfect match. We really enjoy each other’s company, very much and have lots of memories together. Our favourite pastime is going camping. We both have 4 wheel drives, so we get all the kids together, and we go to Fraser Island usually, sometimes Moreton Island which is what we are doing for New Year’s Eve this year. We have no wedding plans for the near future, and we don’t live together. That’s how we prefer it at the moment at least until the kids are grown up… we also think that is why our love stays so fresh.

We are both very much in love with each other and if not for Twos Company we would never have found that special love we have together.

Maxine H

Maxine H - Gold Coast

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! – 2000

Dear Natasha,

I’m not terribly good with words but I’ll give it a go. After coming out of a very bad marriage I was extremely lonely. I rang your Company and was introduced to three men… Reece being the third. At first meeting I thought no way, however as the night went on we found much we had in common. We are both looking for the same values in a person. I really didn’t think men like Reece existed. I’ve gone from a feeling of having no hope in the future to having a great reason to get up in the morning. I’m moving up to Port Douglas in early December so thanks a lot Two’s Company. I’ve gone from 1’s lonely to Two’s Company and finally it’ll be 5’s a family.

Thank you ! Thank you ! Thank you !



I met Vicky 3 years ago

I met Vicky three years ago through your Service. We became friends, then after a few months Vicky moved in with me, then15 months ago we got engaged. Now we are getting married on the 22nd July 2000.


Nick S

Nick S

Here’s a photo of our wedding

Here’s a photo of our wedding

What can we say but thanks. You have made Craig and Deidre’s life together complete. Here is a photo of our wedding 13/11/99, the best day of our lives.

Thank you, Renee and Twos Company.

Love Dedre and Craig H.

Dedre & Craig H.

Two’s Company really does work

Dear Kerrie,

Just a short note to let you know that Two’s Company does really work, so you can tell all those sceptic people that we are proof in the pudding.

Doug and I met through your Company in 1996, and we became really good friends for about 14 months before becoming involved in a relationship.

It’s now 3 years later and Doug asked me to marry him Christmas day 1998, and I accepted. We also have a 5 ½ month old son and plan to marry winter of 2000.

We would like to thank Two’s Company immensely, because without you, we would never have met or have had a beautiful son. If there is anything we can do or say for your Company please don’ t hesitate to contact us.

Thanks again

Doug and Shannon

Doug & Shannon

Stephen was my first Introduction!

We (Stephen and Alanna) would like to thank those at Two’s Company for giving us the opportunity to meet each other.

Stephen was the first date I had through Twos Company although not the last!!! However, in time we continued dating and I put my Membership on hold. Stephen had had quite a few introductions through Twos Company and was enjoying the lifestyle of meeting new people and dining out…….and then he met me.

We had our first date around mid -march 1997 and 4-5 months later we were dating regularly and not seeing anyone else.

Stephen has two sons from his previous marriage and I have a daughter. After a lot of planning we are now expecting our first child due 15/01/2000 and the wedding is set for March. We enjoy each others company immensely and spend nearly all our time together and we have a recycling business we both contribute to.

If not for Twos Company, I can honestly say that I would never have met Stephen. Our circles were totally different and even if I had met him I do not believe I would have pursued a meeting as we came from such different backgrounds and I would have believed we had different ideals and goals. How wrong I was. We have the same outlook on life great communication and most of all a mutual loving humour.

I also believe Stephen would not have followed through his attraction to me if we had not met through Twos Company. Because of the Agency two unlikely people went on a date and gave each other a chance. We have since sent at least four other people to Two’s Company and often recommend the merits of the Agency as a way of meeting a soul mate. It is the most civilized and economical way of meeting people at least in the same parameter as you. Unlike pubs and clubs.

Yours truly

Alanna and Steve

Alanna & Steve